A new saying you should adopt.

Ever find yourself writing “LOL” but erase it because it is just too….  forceful or… extroverted?  Well, I have now been authorized to share with you (for just a few dollars) the boldest, yet subtle new response.  Now, just agree that after you read this you’ll send me the money and then you can continue.

All set?

I don’t believe you.



Yep. Believe it.  Just add an A!  Oh, what does it mean?   ALMOST LAUGHED OUT LOUD!  Clever right?  Because it works on so many levels: a sincere assessment of the level of humor in any specific moment…  e.g.  “Wow, that was really funny.  I almost laughed out loud, which I never do.”  There is also the sarcasm element:  “Wow, that was really funny.  I almost laughed out loud it was so funny. “

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