Fun. (That’s the band’s name.) Performance on Conan! This is Awesome.

Andrew Dost, a Frankfort alumni, is a key member of this band. They are already big, but I suspect they get a lot bigger. (Although I wish they would have talked to someone about Search Engine Optimization… Fun. is a tough search term.)

Here’s the performance:

Find them on facebook:
Their website:

Stamp Tramps: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Guest Blogging

I’ve been doing some guest posts at Stamp Tramps… the content is NSFW. Stamp Tramps analyses tattoos and then rates the tattoo based on whether or not the person is then worthy of a make-out session regardless of what they look like. It is all about the tattoos. So… check it out, subscribe, and leave a comment.

Stamp Tramps: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A new saying you should adopt.

Ever find yourself writing “LOL” but erase it because it is just too….  forceful or… extroverted?  Well, I have now been authorized to share with you (for just a few dollars) the boldest, yet subtle new response.  Now, just agree that after you read this you’ll send me the money and then you can continue.

All set?

I don’t believe you.

Whatever. Continue reading